Fireworks and Special Effects for Weddings

This article is written to provide information to couples planning their wedding about how they are going to choose fireworks and special effects for their reception. What are the appropriate fireworks and special effects? How are you going to make your event memorable? What time of the event should you make use of effects?
The most important thing is the venue the event is taking place. Is it outdoors or indoors? Is it by the sea, does it have a pool? Are there any special characteristics that you can take advantage of? For example in open areas usually aerial fireworks and a wide variety of special effects can be used such as flaming initials, heart patterns, large silver gerbs, gold waterfalls and much more. Indoors confetti, low fog, table fireworks or indoor flaming fountains are most commonly used. Sea and generally the aquatic element is very useful in producing a special effect. You can put floating fireworks in a middle of the pool or even fire sculptures. Co2 jets and cryogenic effects are also a good idea and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

So when is the right time to have the effect? You choose the peak moment which you prefer. That might be the cutting of the wedding cake, the entrance of the couple or the first dance. We have to take into consideration the light conditions under which our effect will take place. For example it is a waste to have a firework display before it gets dark, or use co2 cryogenic effects or confetti with not much light. Finally the duration of a display or an effect should be between 1,5 and 3 minutes. Less will be too fast and more is not needed as people are not attending for the show., but for the event as a whole. But having an impressive effect is what will make the moment spectacular and memorable.
The rest really has to do with your taste. I have heard people wanting to have their fireworks the same color with the decoration. There is no right or wrong. Try to give to the professional as much information as possible, what you have seen in the past and you liked, what is the impression you want to leave to your guests, what is your budget. Do you want something elegant and classy or something fun and massive? It’s your day after all!
Pavlos Nanos
Nanos Fireworks and Special Effects

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