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Ideas for Wedding Planning

Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life. Ensuring that things go smoothly on this day should be the priority of every bride. The key to a flawless wedding day is proper wedding planning. What is wedding planning? This all-encompassing term simply means that you plan for everything that should happen on your wedding day, and you plan to avoid everything that should not happen. There are thousands of things to consider, from the color theme of your wedding to the travel arrangements of your guests. Some brides thrive on actively participating in every aspect of the planning of their wedding, while others prefer to delegate many tasks to a professional wedding planner.
Wedding Planning Checklist
Regardless of whether you intend to plan every aspect of your nuptials, or whether you wish to use the services of a wedding planner, you should at least be aware of the key elements that need to be planned for your wedding day. Here is a checklist for wedding planning and a guide for selecting necessary wedding vendors.

From wedding invitations to napkins, there are many pieces of stationary that will need to be matched to your wedding color theme or printed with your nuptial details. Following are some of the important stationary you need to plan for your special day.
• Announce Engagement and “Save the Date” cards. Proper engagement announcement etiquette dictates that the groom should inform the parents of the bride in person of an engagement before anyone else discovers your intentions. Thereafter, announce to everyone your intentions to become married with engagement announcement cards and “Save the Date” cards. Engagement announcing cards can also invite your loved ones to an engagement party. Save the date cards are for when you have decided on the date of your wedding.
• Wedding Invitations. What is the difference between a wedding invitation and save the date cards? Often times, you will decide on the date of your wedding long before you have decided upon all the details of your big day. Once you have the date of your wedding nailed down, it is appropriate to immediately send “Save the Date” cards. This lets everyone set aside your wedding day so that conflicts in schedule do not happen. Later on, when you know the location of your wedding, the reception and all other necessary details is when you send your wedding invitation.
• Place cards, napkins and programs. To let your guests know their seating arrangements at the reception, place cards must be printed. Customized napkins are an excellent way to accent the celebration and provide a keep-sake for those attending. Programs notify your guests of the flow of activities at your wedding and reception, allowing for a celebration that is more ordered.
Wedding Vendors
There are many elements that comprise a successful ceremony, and many professionals are required to help you pull off your big day. Following is a list of wedding vendors that should be arranged for your wedding day.
• Cake. The cake is a memorable centerpiece for your reception celebration. Select the right bakery who will make a cake that tastes as good as it looks. Most wedding cake vendors will have a portfolio of photographed wedding cakes for you to examine their past work, and to select a cake that matches your tastes.
• Catering. Locate the professionals you feel confident can prepare exceptional food for your guests. Consider special diet requirements that any of your wedding guests may have, such as vegetarian or other dish preferences and whether your intended caterer can accommodate these requests.
• Dress. Whether having a custom wedding dress sewn, or choosing from a selection of pre-made bridal gowns, it is important to find a bridal shop that features quality dresses and can custom fit a bridal gown professionally.
• DJs and Musicians. Dance and music are elements of happy wedding celebrations. Locate the band, DJ or musicians you feel best suit your tastes in advance to secure their services at your celebration.
• Flowers. From bridal bouquets to corsages, flowers are an integral part of wedding celebrations. Book your flower arrangements far in advance, including the bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, centerpieces, headpieces, corsages, the “throw away” bouquet and other decorative flowers for your wedding.
• Limousine Service. Schedule a limousine in advance to make certain they can be available for your wedding day.
• Photographer. Selecting the best wedding photographer is extremely important, as they will capture the special moments of your wedding for you to remember always. Interview several wedding photographers and review their portfolio of work to ensure they are skilled photographers, and that the style of their photography reflects your own personal tastes.
• Videographer. Wedding videos are as important as photos when it comes to remembering the most important day of your life. A skilled wedding videographer will not only take exceptional video of your wedding, they will be able to edit the recorded segments into an appealing single movie experience that will appear professional and of excellent quality.
Wedding Ideas
Planning a wedding is more than selecting the right wedding vendors. There are a myriad of wedding ideas that you can pursue which will make your wedding day a memorable and joyous occasion. From researching wedding day traditions, to following proper etiquette, it is a good idea to research ideas for your wedding by reading wedding magazines and visiting blogs that are centered on ideas for your wedding day. Do you need some wedding ideas? See if you already know the answer to the following questions.
• Maid of Honor duties. What are the required activities of the maid of honor? What about the best man?
• Wedding speeches. Can you use any ideas on what to say during your vows? What members of your wedding party should give speeches?
• Hair Styles. Do you already know the hair style you wish to use at your wedding?
• Wedding fashion. Perhaps you could use some ideas on the wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses, groomswear and other members of your wedding party?
The answers to all these questions, and other questions you haven’t even thought of yet, can be discovered through researching proper wedding ideas. Researching wedding ideas is an important part of proper wedding planning.
Are you looking for ideas for your wedding? Visit and research wedding planning and discover many local wedding vendors to help plan your special day.

Secrets In Choosing The Right Style Of Wedding Photography On Your Wedding Day

For most couples, this may sound an odd question to ask, most would answer that wedding photography is the kind of photography done during weddings. That is partly correct. But that over simplifies the meaning of wedding photography. The art of wedding photography has change tremendously in the past twenty years. Today it may even have a different meaning for each couple.
In the past, wedding photographers are technicians behind a black box almost mystical that very few would even try to operate it. Back then, wedding couples are hiring wedding photographers to produce wedding pictures of their big day. It is to simply record the event. And the one they chose might be doing six weddings a day.
In 2010, almost all wedding guests have their own digital camera that could produce well-exposed pictures at very minimal cost. What it means is that the professional wedding photographers must have something more to offer to their wedding couples. At the same time, the digital revolution also allowed wedding photographers the new technologies to offer something different. This is one of the reasons why wedding photography has improved compared to what it was years ago. It also attracted people who would never venture into wedding photography if not for the new technology of digital photography. Wedding photographers who at their prime offer beautiful and stunning photos that record the wedding in an artistic and narrative, sometimes evocative and most of the time in a flattering manner.

But it also means that being a wedding photographer today; one has to be able to offer something not seen before. True to the complexities of wedding photography today, it would not be true anymore that all wedding photographers are the same and that all wedding couples desire the same kind of photography.
Here is a Guide to Photographic Methods
The good thing about the Internet is it makes it easy to research the work of a big number of wedding photographers. Check some photographers’ website and you will be amazed by the different photographic styles.
Reportage photography is also known as documentary or photojournalism photography; it is best described to have an approach which simply covers and document the event without directing the wedding couple or its guests. Instead it tries to capture the event as it happens in the most natural and creative way possible.
Traditional wedding photography is use to describe the old fashioned way of lining up the wedding couple, their guests and family for traditional photos.
Contemporary wedding photography can be described as glossy which can be trendier than traditional wedding photography.
My humble advice is to look beyond the labels of wedding photography. It can be more confusing than being helpful in deciding which kind of wedding photography suites you as a wedding couple. Another reason is that the style often times is a combination of several photography styles anyway. Third, it implies that wedding photographers offer just one style of photography during their wedding coverage.
In reality, weddings offer a chance for wedding photographers to show different photography styles. Wedding photographers sometimes just can’t ask the couple to move to a spot where there is a better light during the wedding ceremony. Also, it is quite often that couples expect to have formal photographs which show them at their best. Even the most modern weddings will require having traditional and formal family shots.
Many photographers excel in one style of wedding photography and emphasize their skill and it may even be part of their marketing strategy. Some would describe their kind of wedding photography as a mix of classical and modern. It may be a mix of reportage and contemporary. It is quite necessary to have a time with the wedding couple wherein they will be directed to be at their best. It will give them the kind of photographs that can be described as fine art. The limited time of weddings make it important for wedding photographer to be a good director.
Choosing Your Photographer
For couples, the best way would be to decide which wedding photographer is right for you is to decide together what kind of wedding pictures you expect You may want something traditional which means you like a professional account of the wedding day without having too much interruptions.
You may be a photography enthusiast as well, and desire to have a creative set of wedding pictures. You may be looking at high end and contemporary photography style.
Once you both as a couple decide on what type of wedding photographs you desire, you can start examining different galleries of photography for quality. Be warned that galleries represent the best work of photographers, so it is quite important to see a sample of a whole wedding to be sure of consistency.
Awards of excellence can help you decide which photographer could be best suited for your wedding. A membership to well know professional body is also something to consider.
It is of utmost importance that you as a wedding couple can communicate with the photographer and have the rapport to be able to share your wedding photography goals. As much as photography style is an important factor, you and your wedding guests would expect to have a high level of professionalism, organization and experience on your wedding day. Finally you need to consider the wedding packages being offered by the photographer.
Budgeting For Photography
There is no such thing as an appropriate budget for weddings. What can be more helpful is the percentage in terms of value to the total wedding cost.
Professional wedding photography will be what will define the memories of your wedding day. You are going to entrust a photographer to use his skills to document your wedding as if it was taken through your eyes. Discuss with your wedding planner what you think is the best budget for your wedding photography. A good wedding planner would be able to help you with the right budget and if you need to allocate more to get the kind of photography you desire.
The price of a good wedding photographer sometimes comes as a surprise to wedding couples. But quality wedding photography comes at a price. The better skilled a photographer is the higher the fees he can command. One should note that it is not a one day event for wedding photographers but it takes days to plan, shoot the wedding, and spend time on post processing the images and designing the wedding album Ultimately you as a couple must have to make the final decision on how important having a high quality of wedding photographer and if it the price is worth paying for.
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Nap Beltran is an Online Media and PR Consultant who has traveled the world and loves photography. He has attended photo courses [] and seminars in Manila. He is an award-winning wedding photographer in Manila who provides wedding photography services.

Crowds Gathered And Crowds Queued And Prayed When They Were Genuinely Serious About Revival!

Another lesson we learn when it comes to seeking Revival or praying for Revival is that decision, or characteristic, of being bold and direct.
The Psalmist verged on the point of accusing God of being asleep. Wake up. Do you not care what is happening to us? Read Psalm 44 verse 23 and notice how direct and how daring it is. The Psalmist is not being impertinent or cheeky. He is serious and he is concerned about the declining conditions.
If we are going to dare to use these words we must be as concerned about the situation as was the Psalmist. This is serious prayer.
It may be not so much about praying about God being awake, but rather am I spiritually awake?
Abraham pleaded specifically and directly with God, and God heard him.
The early church prayed quite specifically too and with boldness.
God would have us pray with passion and with daring.
The Canaanite woman in Matthew Chapter 15 came to Jesus with boldness and with persistence, and with humility, and she knelt. And, when Mary spoke to Jesus at the wedding about the wine situation, Jesus at first appeared not to want to become involved.
Is it possible to pray for Revival with what has been called persuasiveness?
The Psalmist asked to be revived, according to God’s Word.
This was not being self-centred nor was self interest a priority. He was praying according to the promises in the Word of God. We come before a Covenant keeping God, who cannot break what he has promised.
King Hezekiah came and spread out letters before God. The situation was so desperate. We may also have to spread out these matters before God in prayer, as well as praying for and beseeching God to revive us.

God heard King Hezekiah’s prayer and answered.
We see one other aspect of revival in Luke Chapter 5.
Crowds are gathering to hear the Word of God. They have not come for healing, nor personal blessings, but to hear the Word of God.
Some of us have longed for that, and looked for that over the years, but very few of us have witnessed such spiritual hunger.
These spiritually hungry souls have come to hear Jesus, and Jesus is almost being pushed into the water by the shores of the Lake of Galilee, and he takes refuge in Peter’s fishing boat, and speaks to thousands.
Peter was so willing to put his possessions at Christ’s disposal. He simply gave Jesus what he had to give, with no strings attached, and no conditions.
When Jesus finished teaching, he suggested to Peter that they go for a spot of fishing. It appeared the obvious thing to do.
Let’s launch out. Let’s sail deeper, and fish.
Peter explained to Jesus that recently fishing had not been good, and results had been nil, but because you say so, “Let’s go!”
By every human calculation it looked useless and worthless and a complete waste of time, but almost right away their nets were full.
Occasionally, our best efforts can seem futile and fruitless, and then Jesus Christ comes along and changes the situation suddenly and dramatically.
This has occurred in the lives of many down through the centuries and it continues to happen.
You might be interested to know that in 1955 crowds queued for around four hours in rain and snow to get in to hear the Word of God preached.
Where? In Glasgow. Yes, Glasgow, Scotland, and there were those who came to real living faith in Jesus Christ, and it lasted.
Might we see something of that again across our nation? Fruitfulness and faithfulness. These are scarce qualities.
Yes, there are those of us who will continue to pray for revival and renewal and restoration but it will require tenacity and faithfulness.
Sandy Shaw is Pastor of Nairn Christian Fellowship, Chaplain at Inverness Prison, and Nairn Academy, and serves on The Children’s Panel in Scotland, and has travelled extensively over these past years teaching, speaking, in America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, making 12 visits to Israel conducting Tours and Pilgrimages, and most recently in Uganda and Kenya, ministering at Pastors and Leaders Seminars, in the poor areas surrounding Kampala, Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu.
He broadcasts regularly on WSHO radio out of New Orleans, and writes a weekly commentary at entitled “Word from Scotland” on various biblical themes, as well as a weekly newspaper column.
His M.A. and B.D. degrees are from The University of Edinburgh, and he continues to run and exercise regularly to maintain a level of physical fitness.

Teaching Your Teens About Money

Teaching your children about the value of money and budgets and saving are more important now than ever before.
So is imparting a strong work ethic to avoid their having that annoying sense of entitlement. Otherwise known as being spoiled rotten.
Teens now have more disposable income than before. By the time prom night is approaching, they want everything because their friends are going to have it and at their young age they are already in the “keep up with the Joneses” race and very materialistic. So try to give some of the following values:
Be Yourself!
Teens must learn now that their identity is not defined by what they own. It is not what you have materially, the money that you have and earn in the future, but rather what you do with that money and planning for the future that matters.
Be Realistic
Today’s teens are very media involved – TV, radio, YouTube, Facebook, iTunes, mobile advertising, and between all of that advertising and the peer pressure every day. My own son keeps wanting to go into debt and have me co-sign for material things like a new cell phone or a credit card to take to the mall. He said he wants to “build his credit”? Really? Why? To get an increase on your credit card limits and buy more stuff? And he has one major problem: no job, no ambition to be self-employed like me.
Debunk Their Incorrect Beliefs or Assumptions

Many teens assume that their parents and/or extended family will always take care of them. I recently had to fire an employee, 24 years old, wouldn’t show up for work half the time, or would show up late, be on his mobile phone constantly and against company policy about personal calls, and finally decide he had to leave early, he had found something he wanted – not needed – to go and do with a buddy. No work ethic or sense of responsibility. He bums money from his family to pay his rent, put gas in his car, pay his phone bill, groceries, etc. 24 years old. But I blame the family, they allow it and are now reaping their spoiling of him in his teens. They also are to blame for not leaving him alone during his work day. They cost him money and then they do feel obliged to give him money. But it just is not a working model overall. His family is not doing him a favor by enabling his continuing laziness and dependence. They did not equip him for life. Plus he was caught lying to me. Honor and integrity was not taught by his family so he now is a hustler, will say or promise whatever he must to get what he wants, even if it’s as simple as borrowing $10 gas money from me… and then not showing up for work, and when he does show up, he has an excuse but no gas to go run errands I assign.
So I use the prom as an example of the culminating frivolous event. Girls, especially want gowns and limos and spending money and after parties, and it runs, as I said, about $1,200 for their parents. So then when they are planning their wedding years later, and expect the father of the bride to pay, as is tradition, now they want to spend $20,000 on average for another fabulous one day event of several hours. Between the high school junior prom, the senior prom a year later and now a wedding, about $25,000 spent.
Would have made a nice start in life as a savings account, IRA, 6 months emergency fund and down payment on a home, yes?
Is your teen saving now? 10% every payday into untouchable savings? If they do have a credit card, who makes the payments? Not you, the parent, I hope. And, separate from that savings account, are they saving up for these proms? For a car? For college? Do they have a part time job?
Get them started in these good habits! “Raise up a child in the way that they should go and they will not depart from it”.
Reach James as pastor and teacher at his church site: [—fpu-classes.html]

Is 10-10-10 The Perfect Wedding Date?

Commonly expressed numerically as 10.10.10, this day has been reserved by many to symbolize ‘perfection’ as the number ten is more associated with the colloquial Chinese meaning of being perfect.
Besides being binary, are there more to it that will render this date to be selected for many as a wedding (about 700 couples as reported in the Sunday Times in Singapore) or one so auspicious to call for a celebration?
While the sum of ten sounds like a Perfect Ten, this Gregorian calendar date does not add up to any significance besides its good looks.
However, the Four Pillars chart of the day points to a pretty ideal day! By design or default, it also comes with its fair share of combinations and clashes which will leave some out of the celebrations.
In basic Date Selection, the Chinese Almanac will suggest that this is a ‘Danger’ Day which denotes a day of non-significant activities. However, in advanced Date Selection using various system such as the ‘Yellow Path Auspicious Day’, the positive energies of the ‘Bright Hall’ show up on this day of great blessings. If one continues to analyze this date using the 28 Constellations system, it is also suitable for prayers, marriage, erecting foundation for a building and moving to a new home.

For the icing to the cake, choose the auspicious Dragon Hour which falls between 7am to 9am to officiate the most important dates of your lifetime. This additional application by the ‘Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection’ system found this day & time to be linked by a special ‘River Map’ structure. People born in Monkey & Pig years may not benefit fully from such good energies.
Date Selection is also vital to other important milestones such as signing a major contract, launching a business, moving home and much more.

Want to Know What the Average Engagement Ring and Wedding Costs?

The average engagement ring costs about $3,000-$4,000. The equals roughly 2-3 months salary for the regular Joe who is going to spend that much. Better start putting those pennies in your piggy bank. Joel spent a little bit more than this on my ring.
The average diamond carat size ranges from a .5 to a 1.0. Regardless, most jewelers will tell you that women prefer a full one carat diamond. My diamond is about a 1.25 carat size. I wanted the look of a full diamond but not one that was so big that it looked gawdy on my finger.
The average woman has a ring finger size of a 7, with the typical ring size spanning from a 5 to a 10. Not everyone falls into this range…I have extremely tiny hands and a size 3 ring finger….I won’t go into it, but it was quite an ordeal to get my ring resized
1. The average engagement lasts for over a year, so you have plenty of time to plan and look through bridal magazines. Joel and I opted for a six months long engagement. We had already dated for 3 years and felt like we were ready to move forward without waiting for a full year. That meant I started planning the wedding about a week after the proposal.

The average wedding costs $26,000-$30,000! Yikes! Expect to spend in more expensive areas of the county such as New York or New Jersey. Joel and I spent quite a bit less and still had a very elegant wedding…so it can be done.
The average age of the bride and groom ranges from 27-29. That described us perfectly…we were 27 and 28.
The average wedding has close to 200 guests. We had about 80… it was a nice sized, intimate affair.
The average couple spends at least $3,000 more than they had anticipated on the wedding. We were good and only went about $500 over our budget. We are both very practical individuals and really preferred to direct our savings towards a downpayment on a house.
An average of 53% of weddings make it until “death do us part.” I know this will be us 🙂
The author just celebrated her one year anniversary and sports a beautiful ascher cut ring. She and her husband put together the website: to help you find the perfect ring.

Fireworks and Special Effects for Weddings

This article is written to provide information to couples planning their wedding about how they are going to choose fireworks and special effects for their reception. What are the appropriate fireworks and special effects? How are you going to make your event memorable? What time of the event should you make use of effects?
The most important thing is the venue the event is taking place. Is it outdoors or indoors? Is it by the sea, does it have a pool? Are there any special characteristics that you can take advantage of? For example in open areas usually aerial fireworks and a wide variety of special effects can be used such as flaming initials, heart patterns, large silver gerbs, gold waterfalls and much more. Indoors confetti, low fog, table fireworks or indoor flaming fountains are most commonly used. Sea and generally the aquatic element is very useful in producing a special effect. You can put floating fireworks in a middle of the pool or even fire sculptures. Co2 jets and cryogenic effects are also a good idea and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

So when is the right time to have the effect? You choose the peak moment which you prefer. That might be the cutting of the wedding cake, the entrance of the couple or the first dance. We have to take into consideration the light conditions under which our effect will take place. For example it is a waste to have a firework display before it gets dark, or use co2 cryogenic effects or confetti with not much light. Finally the duration of a display or an effect should be between 1,5 and 3 minutes. Less will be too fast and more is not needed as people are not attending for the show., but for the event as a whole. But having an impressive effect is what will make the moment spectacular and memorable.
The rest really has to do with your taste. I have heard people wanting to have their fireworks the same color with the decoration. There is no right or wrong. Try to give to the professional as much information as possible, what you have seen in the past and you liked, what is the impression you want to leave to your guests, what is your budget. Do you want something elegant and classy or something fun and massive? It’s your day after all!
Pavlos Nanos
Nanos Fireworks and Special Effects

Wedding Planning – What To Do About My Fiance?

Isn’t this my fiancé’s wedding, too?” you ask. “Why are all the articles aimed at brides?”
Well, yes, it is fiancé’s wedding too. In fact, you’ll find it fairly difficult to get married without him, and and it definitely is important to make sure that the wedding you envision isn’t totally out of line with what your beloved has in mind.
The only difficult part of that important task is that, in many cases, your beloved has no idea what he has in mind. I’m sure it comes as no surprise to you that men do not tend to fall into the wedding crowd that has been imagining this event a hundred different ways since they were five years old.
Men more closely resemble those women for whom it takes some time to realize that just saying you’re willing to get married doesn’t actually get the job done. The difference between men and these non-planner women is that when men realize that somebody needs to get on the ball and make this wedding thing happen, men also know that that someone does not have to be them.
Many women find dealing with their beloved’s lack of meaningful input to be one of the most frustrating parts of planning a wedding. If you are one of those rare women whose fiancé loves nothing more than to page endlessly through catalogs of invitation designs and discuss with you the pros and cons of each, then the following advice is not for you.

For the rest of us:
1. Recognize that when you ask your beloved where he wants to have the ceremony, and he says, “You’re the one who cares. Why do I have to decide?” he’s not totally off the mark. In all probability, you do have some set-in-stone rules about where you’d be willing to be wed.
The last thing you want is to ask your beloved where he wants to have the ceremony only to have him enthusiastically exclaim, “How about at the Star Trek: The Experience exhibit in the Las Vegas Hilton!”
His first attempted contribution to your nuptials would then be met with (I’m guessing here) you crying, “What are you, crazy?!” in a tone of horror and disappointment. Such an encounter is unlikely to leave him excited about participating in the future.
2. Provide your beloved with limited options and real decision-making power. For example, identify a few locations where it would be acceptable to you to hold your ceremony. Present those to your beloved as options and then let him choose.
If you say, “Would you rather get married on the beach at sunset or in my parents’ church in Vermont?” your beloved is likely to have and be able to voice an opinion. If he chooses your parents’ church in Vermont, you can’t then spend the next two hours trying to have a debate about why the beach would be better. When he gives his opinion, let it count.
Also, don’t be too annoyed if you give him this kind of limited choice and he responds by saying, “Why did you narrow it down to just two choices without talking to me about it more?” This will be despite the fact that you tried to talk to him about it more, but he told you he had no opinion.
Take a deep breath. You’ve meditated and mentally prepared yourself ahead of time.
Smile and look deeply interested as you say, “Oh, fabulous! You have a different option you want to talk about?”
Then sit back and listen to him mumble about how he could have come up with one if only you’d talked to him earlier. Tell him you can’t wait to hear his ideas. A couple days later ask him again about where he’d like to have the wedding (or whatever the topic is). I can almost guarantee that he’ll voice an opinion about those limited options that you provided him with in the first place.
3. If you determine an area of the wedding about which your beloved truly cares more than you do, let him have sole control of that. This means that if he chooses to demonstrate his leadership of that part of the wedding planning by completely ignoring it until the last minute and then running around like a stressed-out headless chicken, so be it. He does things his way, and you do things your way.
Better get used to it. This is excellent practice for your marriage, where you’re going to have to hear that he’s “about to” fix the broken hinge on the cabinet for months — possibly years –before he actually does it.
(c) All Rights Reserved — Debbie MacGuffie
–Debbie MacGuffie is a professional writer who saved almost $10,000 while planning and executing the wedding ceremony and reception of her dreams. To discover the money-saving secrets that industry insiders would rather you never knew, get free instant access to the facts at Fire Your Wedding Planner []!

Maintaining Your Sanity While Planning Your Wedding

Not long ago, I went to my hometown to help my mother and my sister with the final planning for my Sister’s wedding. About five days before the wedding, we were running errands and my sister turned to me and said that she has resigned to the fact that she probably will be too preoccupied to enjoy her wedding day. I was absolutely blown away by this. She was going to marry the man that she loves with all of her heart and for the day that would begin the rest of her life, she had settled for endurance rather than joy.
When you have spent 18 months of intense planning to bring together all of the people that are important to you, it is incredibly easy to loose sight of what really matters. You get caught up in all of the minor details that most people feel are necessary, but when it comes down to it, if you leave the chapel, beach, your home or wherever you choose to “tie the knot”, and you are married to the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with, then your mission has been accomplished.
Usually when we plan weddings, we are receiving monetary assistance from our families. Many times there is an assumption that we have to please them and make them happy too. This is not the case at all. It is a day for you and your fiancé to share with your friends and family, so it should show your style, not your parents or your future in-laws’. I have found through personal experience, that if you try to make everyone happy, you have the potential to create a tremendous amount of chaos and stress for yourself. This will only complicate matters and ends up being a case of “Too many cooks in the kitchen”.

The next tip for maintaining your sanity is about choices. When you start your planning you will quickly notice that you have set yourself free in a world where there are endless possibilities and options from which you can choose. It is a good idea to stick to your decisions once they have been made. I have worked with many brides that have changed their color scheme a few months into it, or have continued to look at venues once they have already made deposits. There are always going to be things that you see that you wish you would have known about throughout your time in wedding world. But if you continue to bounce from theme to theme or color to color, you will only waste time and energy and decrease the possibility of enjoying this once-in-a-lifetime experience.
I also feel that it helps you relax if you designate times for your wedding planning. Due to sheer excitement, you will find that you have “wedding on the brain” and may think about it 24-7. Pick a couple of days a week and set aside a time slot to surf the internet or make phone calls to schedule appointments, this will keep you from becoming totally consumed and also give you a chance to focus on the rest of the life that is still happening around you.
Delegate, delegate, delegate. When I am asked to be an attendant in a wedding, I assume that I am taking on a responsibility. It is my job to help in any way that I can, even if it means to simply be there if the bride needs someone to unload some frustrations. But the point of saying this is that your bridesmaids are there for you, and most of the time, they are more than happy to have the opportunity to lend a hand. So don’t be afraid to ask for help or make small task lists for your attendants and always remember to say thanks. This will take a lot of the weight off of your shoulders and make your bridesmaids feel as though they are needed.
Finally, this is your wedding day!!! In the weeks prior to the event, take a few minutes everyday to go to a quiet place and count your blessings. Write them down so that, in times of stress you can refer back to them, smile and relax. Remember, your wedding day may be the first day of your new lives together, but it is nurturing your marriage that is what will truly bring you years of happiness.
Penny Olson is the owner and designer for Brilliant Wedding Jewelry
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