Is 10-10-10 The Perfect Wedding Date?

Commonly expressed numerically as 10.10.10, this day has been reserved by many to symbolize ‘perfection’ as the number ten is more associated with the colloquial Chinese meaning of being perfect.
Besides being binary, are there more to it that will render this date to be selected for many as a wedding (about 700 couples as reported in the Sunday Times in Singapore) or one so auspicious to call for a celebration?
While the sum of ten sounds like a Perfect Ten, this Gregorian calendar date does not add up to any significance besides its good looks.
However, the Four Pillars chart of the day points to a pretty ideal day! By design or default, it also comes with its fair share of combinations and clashes which will leave some out of the celebrations.
In basic Date Selection, the Chinese Almanac will suggest that this is a ‘Danger’ Day which denotes a day of non-significant activities. However, in advanced Date Selection using various system such as the ‘Yellow Path Auspicious Day’, the positive energies of the ‘Bright Hall’ show up on this day of great blessings. If one continues to analyze this date using the 28 Constellations system, it is also suitable for prayers, marriage, erecting foundation for a building and moving to a new home.

For the icing to the cake, choose the auspicious Dragon Hour which falls between 7am to 9am to officiate the most important dates of your lifetime. This additional application by the ‘Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection’ system found this day & time to be linked by a special ‘River Map’ structure. People born in Monkey & Pig years may not benefit fully from such good energies.
Date Selection is also vital to other important milestones such as signing a major contract, launching a business, moving home and much more.

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