100% Human Hair Extensions

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Look and Feel Absolutely Magic

With the expertise of Tyson, hairdresser and make up artist, you will look and feel your stunning best.

Tyson has perfected the art of making women look even more beautiful, with over 19 years of qualified experience in hairdressing. His services have grown to include, make up, Reiki relaxation and healing therapy, spray tanning and costume jewellery.

If you have a wedding or special event coming up and you would like to look absolutely fabulous, then give Tyson a call. He is available at his home studio or he will do the traveling to your home, hotel or resort.

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Elite Cosmetics & Complimentary Fragrances

We calm the atmosphere of your bridal party, by applying doTERRA pure essential oils, Bach's Rescue Remedy and Bach flower essences. We offer a complimentary mini Reiki treatment for every bride.

By listening carefully to your ideas and concepts we achieve a look that is “uniquely” you. We understand that your wedding day is a very special time in your life, a day that you will look back on in years to come.

Ensuring that those precious memories will be good ones, by making it a great hair and make-up day.

Mary Kay Cosmetics

Whatever the occasion our make up puts your best face forward, photogenic for the camera and radiant for the entire event.

Your natural and glowing beauty is enhanced by these world famous cosmetic brands.












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